Sunday, June 8, 2008

The adventure begins

The indulgent month of May wrapped up with a convocation ceremony, warm celebrations and teary goodbyes in Ontario. Amazing experiences and memories had been forged over the past 10 months in Kingston, Ontario and although it was a tough departure, I set off with keen energy for a new adventure in Asia. I made one important stop along the way.

I left Toronto at 8:30pm on a plane bound for Vancouver. We took off in a dusky twilight, and as the plane tucked its wheels into its chest cavity, I caught a glimpse of an ember-red sun slipping beneath the horizon line. As the plane ascended skywards, to my surprise and splendor, I witnessed a reverse sunset. An evening dawn. My face pressed against the window, corners of my mouth curled up in delight, I could hardly believe the spectacle before me. The glowing, red sun resurfaced slowly, inch by inch until it hovered above the cloudless Toronto horizon. It stayed afloat long enough to slightly illuminate the Bruce Peninsula below us as the plane chartered it's course westward. We were chasing the sun.

The colours of the sunset spread out in thick layers. First a fiery orange, lifting up into a dusty yellow, and then fading into a hundred smoky shades of blue. The landscape below was a dark mixture of silvery greys, just out of reach of the sun's light. I sunk into my chair and rested the back of my head on the seat. I exhaled deeply and closed my eyes. The perpetual sunset lasted 4.5 hours, almost the entire way to British Columbia.

10 days in Vancouver

My dad, Bruce, his girlfriend, Barb and I went on many small adventures in and around Vancouver. We checked out marshes and gardens, and spied on birds with binoculars and zoom lenses. Barb and I took in a few yoga classes, including one on the grass at Kitsilano Beach. It was refreshing and energizing to stretch and balance under the trees, looking out over the ocean with healthy spring grass below our mats.

We went on a road trip to White Rock and then crossed the boarder for a day in Bellingham, Washington. We also took in some art; galleries, openings and shows of inspiring printmakers from all over the world. We walked Wreck Beach and admired the Vancouver skyline from the Jericho Sailing Club. We explored VanDusen Botanical Gardens on a sunny afternoon. And we ate countless portions of good grub at fun Vancouver eateries (Naam, The Red Burrito, Capers, Go Fish Ocean Emporium, and The Noodle Box, to name a few). My dad and I explored the touristy venues of Vancouver, like Stanley Park, Granville Island and Kitsilano Beach.


Gillian said...

Hey Aloni! Wow, you are the first to go! I'm really looking forward to having an Queen's alum posse in East Asia... people in the right time zone to call when I just can't think what to teach teh next day! :) I'm leaving in 10 days, myself... starting teaching summer school on July 3rd. I can't wait!!!!!!!! Bring on the sweaty heat of Japanese summers, the ridiculously cute little ones (I'm teaching jk/sk in summer school!), and the fabulousness on life in a big, big city!
How your time in Van and Korea goes well!

Christine said...

I LOVE the photos! It's a beautiful blog. I'm gonna help make sure you keep it up all summer.
Love you too!

Matt said...

Hi Aloni:)

I'm glad that your joining the blogosphere.

Loved your story of the evening sunrise. Very physicsy. I'm thinking about adding it as an exam question.

Summer is coming and I can't wait for some time off of school.

Miss you lots!


Kristen said...

Hi Aloni! I'm warmed by the idea that your feet have tramped the same sands that I walked only months ago, and that you have taken in many of the same sights and tastes and sounds. I wish I was there to share in the beauty and the adventure - though your colourful descriptions make me feel like I'm there!
I'm eager to follow the stories of your journey. Take care!

Jodi said...

You are a great writer, and I can't wait to read more! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

nice blog Aloni !